[7:42 p.m.] : [2018-03-20]

Dear _______,

Your birthday is in a couple of days. I don't know why but I had that realization last week. I guess you've been on my mind lately. I wouldn't call it thinking about you. Not really, not any more. Still, it occurred to me you have another birthday coming up and I had the thought that if I were to get you anything it would just be card to say what I can't say to you in person. Because while I haven't been thinking about you I've had enough time and distance to reflect, on you... on us... on all these years I've been alone. If I could say anything to you in person it would be the one thing I have come to see clearly.

Your birthday card would read:

"I'm sorry you had to work so hard to prove to me that you were never worth giving a shit about."

That's it.

- m!

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